The Computer Newspaper Asks Their Dads!

The Computer Newspaper co-founders T. Robert Lindner and J. Robert Tyrrell may come across as though they have the world all figured out, this could not be further from the truth. Desperate for wisdom and a good laugh, this week they e-mailed their Dads (Bob and Willy) three questions to see what kind of sage insights they could garner.

Question 1:  Watch this Sleigh Bells performance on Saturday Night Live.  What are your impressions?

Bob Tyrrell:  I did enjoy the Sony commercial in the SNL Sleigh Bells video. I also admire the hot pants (sorry for the 1960’s reference) the young lady wore. She reminded me so of Cher, I kept waiting for Sonny to come on stage and sing “I Got You, Babe.”  Well, even though he didn’t, I sang it. After watching the video 17 times, I have concluded my enjoyment would have been enhanced if there were more rear shots and if there were subtitles.

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A Year In Music – 2007 P.I.E. Tournament (Final Results)

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LCD Soundsystem   Sound of Silver


The Arcade Fire    Neon Bible

Loser:  LCD Soundsystem

Obituary:  If you scour through the 2007 archives, looking at ‘best-of’ lists from a variety of publications, you get an immediate sense that LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver would be considered the consummate winner. It has the hits and it has the sense of importance great albums do, when the ideas are too confident to be contained by 3 or 4 minute track lengths, and when the package put together seems like an announcement of purpose. As far as its influence, there is no question James Murphy (otherwise known as LCD Soundsystem) registered an impact on the stubborn, outer shell of the music industry, spilling genres onto other genres and outlining a style still yet to be truly imitated with any success.

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A Year In Music – 2007 P.I.E. Tournament (Sweet 16 Results)

In case you missed our introduction to the P.I.E. series and this tournament bracket, please see

Sweet 16 Results

Yeasayer    All Hour Cymbals


The Arcade Fire   Neon Bible

Loser:  Yeasayer

Obituary:  If we were today to take a poll amongst hipsters–which for sample size purposes, would be likely best conducted outside of a Buffalo Exchange store–we would probably elicit about an 86% high-five rate amongst our subjects if asked the question “So how do you feel about Yeasayer?”.  With that in mind, we can celebrate 2007 for giving us this Brooklyn outfit’s debut.

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A Year In Music – 2007 P.I.E. Tournament (Round 1, Part 2)

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Lily Allen Alright, Still


Spoon Ga Ga Ga

Loser: Lily Allen

Obituary:  Lily Allen is British, and not in that sneaky way that Sting or that guy who plays McNulty is.  Lily Allen is super British, and when you first listen to Alright, Still it’s hard to think about anything else.  Like a Guy Ritchie film, it’s the impenitent frankness of her words and demeanor, dressed up in what sounds like a lower-class British accent, that make it so charming.  Adele and Amy Winehouse are great, but it’s easy to forget that they’re not part of the American pop-culture monster.  There’s something distinctly foreign about Lily Allen.  It’s not just the britishisms or the accent — it’s the wit and tone.  If that was all she had to offer, it would be easy to write her off in an exercise like this that is meant to value you resonance over novelty, but upon further review, it turns out she’s a fairly substantial talent as well.  By writing about things like waiting in line at a club or how her brother won’t ever get laid because he’s too much of a stoner, she’s not asking to be taken too seriously, but there’s a clever cadence to her vocal patterns and an unpredictability to her melodies that suggest she’s not just stumbling into stardom; she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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A Year In Music – 2007 P.I.E. Tournament (Round 1, Part 1)

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                          Modest Mouse  We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

St. Vincent  Marry Me

Loser:  Modest Mouse

Obituary:   Even in 2007, this album had several factors working against it, critically speaking. For one, the band had been together for 14 years and this was their fifth album in that span, and secondly, it was a follow-up to their Good News For People Who Love Bad News record that launched them to a new level of stardom, much because it had one of the best songs of the past decade, “Float On.”  Now, five years later, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank still remains their most recent album, giving little reason to believe that it was anything but a retirement party. Granted, the band still tours and as soon as a year ago claimed to be ‘in the studio with Big Boi,’ but this information confuses more than it excites. Continue reading

2007: A Year In Review

“Perspective Is Everything,” or P.I.E. as nobody would dare acronymnize it, is not only a clean, trite phrase that outlines the importance of objectivity, it is also the name of our new recurring segment! The Computer Newspaper will periodically curate a “Year In Review,” but strictly the cases where we have enough distance to make qualified, unbiased judgments on its significant cultural events. Nostalgia is not just for the old or the uninspired; it can also be for the progressive.  We want to examine what is now interesting about That Year, not what was. 

In the following weeks, we’ll start this series by looking back on 2007.  We’ll be reflecting on entertainment, culture, and sports.  First up, music.

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