2007: A Year In Review

“Perspective Is Everything,” or P.I.E. as nobody would dare acronymnize it, is not only a clean, trite phrase that outlines the importance of objectivity, it is also the name of our new recurring segment! The Computer Newspaper will periodically curate a “Year In Review,” but strictly the cases where we have enough distance to make qualified, unbiased judgments on its significant cultural events. Nostalgia is not just for the old or the uninspired; it can also be for the progressive.  We want to examine what is now interesting about That Year, not what was. 

In the following weeks, we’ll start this series by looking back on 2007.  We’ll be reflecting on entertainment, culture, and sports.  First up, music.

Music, like fashion, changes both frequently and abruptly. Occasionally, we look three or four years back and have trouble recognizing what was so appealing about listening to those songs or wearing that style of pants– the evolution of film, television, even literature, follows a much more logical pattern.

Trust us: The Computer Newspaper has spent this week dusting off 2007’s Best-Of-Music lists, album reviews, and even digging through their own mp3 library to assess the damage done by time having gone by.  As you would expect, some artists have not been heard from since, some have only perfected their craft further, and some artists released what we now know to be their masterpiece. One thing is for sure: five years of hindsight, in the world of music, is a lifetime (taking a sneak peek at 2008 album releases, it is clear even one year can be an eon).

We eventually narrowed the year’s music to a tight list of entries that we felt semi-qualified to discuss, meaning country, jazz, and heavy metal fans will need to try this project on their own if they want to read about those genres. Regarding who made the cut: there is a tablespoon of bias involved, but we tried to keep it as fair as possible– some albums listed are definitely personal favorites and some entries included we absolutely loathe.

We settled on 32 albums to describe 2007–which, wait a minute, let’s see, carry the 1… yes, 32 is a power of two–we can set up a bracketed tournament in honor of March Madness!  What a happy accident!  Each album was randomly assigned a spot in our bracket (see below).

The Bracket: click on me and zoom in

The Computer Newspaper decided on its winners based on the following criteria:
(1)  Inherent quality
(2)  Durability
(3)  Cultural significance

As we reveal the losers, we offer a (sometimes) brief write-up on what about this artist or album is interesting in 2012.

Assuming there is any dissent from you, our loyal and sexually-attractive readers, we unabashedly invite you to participate in this archaeology as long as your replies come from a loving, rational place.

For Part One of our review, click here: https://computernewspaper.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/a-year-in-music-2007-p-i-e-tournament-round-1-part-1/


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